Your change, your challenge + my support & experience = individual or relationship transformation

Individual Counselling


Individual counselling is an effective way to tackle substantial life, health, and mental health challenges. Make it your starting place for when you need to talk things through, talk them out, or to make bold and/or urgent decisions.


Individual counselling is also helpful when you are ready to face challenges, and change what you want to change. It is also great when you want support for wellness. Counselling also is useful during life transitions.  Individual counselling also helps when you're thinking about making changes. It helps you start making, the changes you are ready for. 


When we talk together I will support your pathway. Using your strengths and values to identify and harness the most effective strategies can improve your motivation for change. 


Talking things through, forming intentions, planning effective, tailored strategies and support during the counselling process is a tried and true way to get over significant life hurdles and to grow character and joy often in very difficult circumstances.


Sessions about your health and wellbeing
Both the Certificate in Nutrition and Health and my Psychological studies have led me to a special interest in helping my clients who struggle with chronic disease of Diabetes and equipped me to work with people who have specific eating issues. This service is tailored for clients who are coping with Chronic disease (Diabetes), or Eating issues (overeating or undereating) or have been recommended to make lifestyle changes for health reasons.
Imagine how good it would feel to have strong and focussed support during your intial stages after a diagnosis has been given by your doctor.  Of course if you have received a doctor's diagnosis you will have probably been given a referral to a number of health providers including a specialist nurse in the area of Diabetes. These service providers are a terrific first stop and it is really important that you take every opportunity to get the kind of knowledgeable help and advice that they can give you. Like all health services though you will probably find your meetings rather brief and general in nature. The early phase and end phases of diabetes can be quite daunting.
You can enjoy extended sessions that not only allow a review of your current concerns but can also allow you time to develop sustainable lifestyle strategies, to challenge your thoughts and attitudes to health and illness, and to design workable ways of living with chronic illness. Those who have lived many years with the illness find it helpful to review what is working and what isn't working for them.



Relationship Counselling


In many relationships, there comes a time, perhaps triggered by life transitions or maybe infidelity, where minor or major adjustments, flexibility, new communication skills, reframes, and great decision making are crucial to the lives of yourself and your loved ones. Moving through relationship breaks is not pretty, nor is it easy.


The Couple's Institute approach (Bader & Pearson) which integrates attachment theory, differentiation theory and neuroscience, is a great framework that we can use to scaffold your relationship. We have a few guidelines for working together effectively. For example.... we don't talk over one another, we reestablish active listening and we do not do blame. 


So why would my clients choose relationship counselling with me? We can apply a trusted framework to identify strengths that can work for your recovery or for your progress to another phase in life. 


Relationship counselling provides the opportunity to examine yourselves in the light of your values, and your current capacities and future possibilities. 


As your counsellor I see my primary role as tapping into a depth of honest communication between you. We begin to do that using/setting a framework of respect and kindness. These are often areas that go AWOL when relationships are breaking. To make progress, a degree of respect and kindness to one selves and to each really needs to be reestablished. Ideally this happens very quickly to assist effective progress.


Similarly, to individual counselling, real shifts in thoughts and attitudes can take time to occur. Full commitment to the process is required. This is why I encourage commitment to the process partly by reducing fees for longer commitment. Transformation is very rarely immediate.  


I also welcome clients who want to...
Start a business or begin study late in life
Grow their team (worship teams included)
Finish their thesis,
Become a counsellor or coach
Declutter their life
Cope with Divorce or relationship breakup or infidelity
I can provide times of reflection and skill building that is specifically tailored to you, your husband or wife, and/or to your business interests depending on your main focus.
Communication skills, developing great teamwork, identifying areas of strengths and working your relationships and business according to your values are integrated into the way I work with my clients.

Let's talk together to create sustainable, healthy  change and the very best life you choose to live.



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