Your change, your challenge + my support & experience = individual or relationship transformation

Felicity is pleased to announce now offering an individual counselling service from February 2021 from Surf Beach, Victoria.
Individual Counselling


Individual counselling is an effective way to tackle substantial life, health, and mental health challenges. Make it your starting place for when you need to talk things through, talk them out, or to make bold and/or urgent decisions.


Individual counselling is also helpful when you are ready to face challenges, and change what you want to change. It is also great when you want support for wellness. Counselling also is useful during life transitions.  Individual counselling also helps when you're thinking about making changes. It helps you start making, the changes you are ready for. 


When we talk together I will support your pathway. Using your strengths and values to identify and harness the most effective strategies can improve your motivation for change. 


Talking things through, forming intentions, planning effective, tailored strategies and support during the counselling process is a tried and true way to get over significant life hurdles and to grow character and joy often in very difficult circumstances.

Relationship Counselling