About Dr Morris

Felicity Counsellor/Mentor/Coach - here FOR YOU because you and your success matters!



Dr Felicity Morris received her doctorate for PhD studies in Psychology (focussed on Motivation for Change in physical activity for mid-life women). Felicity holds the Graduate Diploma in Counselling (Victoria University) and has extensive life and professional experience to benefit her clients.


Felicity is returning to counselling having retired several years ago. Offering a limited number of sessions is again welcoming new clients.


Some of her clients have depression and/or diabetes. Others are anxious while others are wanting to grow through personal development. Some may want to start up and grow a business or who develop through creative pursuits like writing, painting, songwriting, or performance. Felicity is passionate about helping people get unstuck and to make progress on their chosen and most healthy intentions. 


Felicity understands the demands of life that can throw us all out of balance and is keen to help you to find your ways of growing, generating healthy habits and relationships while you live to your strongest values.

Felicity is a leader at Hope Church, who since Covid times has been meeting via zoom or as they currently do at the church location leaders' home in Wimbledon Heights. For more information please go to Island Hope Church website. Or call Lauryn (Hope Church location leader) on 0490 960 939